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An odd application of no use that is obviously intended to entertain you
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Desktop Dot is obviously one of the most stupid programs (if one can call it so) I have ever seen.
After installing the application you will see a red dot on your PC screen, the dot by itself will just sit on your screen and do nothing. But when clicking on it you will hear a hardly comprehensible phrase pronounced by a voice reminding the one of Eddie Murphy. Thus it is obviously intended to entertain you somehow. Don't know who this program is intended for, but it is surely very odd. You will be more surprised, if I tell you that the application is customizable: you can change the time and terms of sound play. The sound may be played, when you double click on the dot, in random intervals, or in user-defined intervals. Also you can choose the dot not to stay always on top, not to irritate your eyes. You can open the options window and close the application from the context menu.

Well, I will surely recommend everybody not to install this stuff, I do not think it is worth anyone's time.

Andrew Do
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